I dream of camping…

especially when it involves fun new clothes and a dutch oven!
Glamping Needs!
I love backpacking and camping out in the wilderness but I also enjoy car camping where you can feast like a king, drink lots of brews and wear the upmost of comfortable clothes cause you don’t have to pack in or out with any of your belongings.
I have been lucky enough to find friends that are also keen to spend weekends in a tent, cooking dinner over a camp fire and this fourth of July weekend we will be car camping in Northern California off of a reservoir and I am SO excited!

There are a few camping ehmm more like glamping items I would L-O-V-E to have but don’t just yet. These aren’t particularly items I need but I want them so much I feel like I need them!

1. Dutch Oven – The quintessential camp cooking item! My parents have one but I think its time to get my own!

2. I really want a visor this year! I haven’t sported one since my early teens, but I think I’m ready to try it again… I am having a hard time deciding between a sporty or fashionable visor. This straw visor from Asos is a cute option!

3. I love Wildfox – their items are so wonderfully worn in but they have a steep price tag! If this I heart camping sweatshirt ever goes on sale… I want it bad!

4. This Poler Napsack looks wonderfully warm and cozy! Can’t you imagine sittin’ by the campfire with a s’more in this baby!?

5. Crocs and Camo this is probably against some fashion rule, but I couldn’t care less! Anything in camouflage is pretty much right up my alley and while crocs may look terrible they really are one of the most comfortable shoes on the planet. Whats better than sliding on some comfortable shoes after a day of hiking.

6. Overalls – I have a strong desire to try this trend again! I had several pairs of overalls when I was a youngin’ and now I want to revamp my closet with a few pairs of overalls. This short pair would be perfect for summer camping!

7. Poncho – A soft, warm comfortable poncho is perfect for camping! I would need to make sure that any poncho I own would be machine washable – especially if I am taking it around fire!

While I don’t think I will get them in time for this trip, they are items to drool over until they go on sale/my birthday/christmas!!

Are there any items that you want this summer but don’t particularly need? Let me know!

Work hard, play hard


There are a lot of old adages, like work hard, play hard or if you love what you do you won’t work a day..etc. I have always worked hard and I have always taken extreme satisfaction from the feeling I get when I accomplish a task that I have worked hard to achieve and often times before one challenge is accomplished I am thinking about what I can do next.

I think work is important and whatever your work is do it with all you have and I think while you work you will accomplish great things and learn a lot along the way.

This Maya Angelou quote resounded with me when I read it and I hope it makes you think and take a look into what you are doing and moving towards.

I Admire Dolly

Last night I watched an interview with Dolly Parton and I became enamored.

I love Dolly’s voice and have long enjoyed belting out some of her hits! However, it wasn’t until I watched this interview that I felt a lot of respect for her.  I was amazed at her honesty and how genuine she came across. One might think, as I did, that she was as fake as her exterior but that really could not be further from the truth.

She is a smart lady who is very perceptive and cunning, she knew what she wanted and she has gone after it.

Below you will find a portion of the interview and I hope that you enjoy getting to know more about Dolly Parton just as much as I have. She is one rad woman and someone to be admired!

Custar Farms

IMG_7733 IMG_7735 IMG_7736 IMG_7739

Coming from California I am very used to accessible fresh vegetables and fruit. I was excited to make the trip to a local farm stand to obtain some fresh vegetables! My family loves this little farm stand about 15 miles away called Custar Farms. My dad and I stopped in late last week to pick up some veggies and we were like little kids in a candy store! I think we bought a little bit of everything they had.  We had called before we drove over and they told us what they had picked that day! Talk about fresh – how wonderful.

The couple who owns this little gem is so adorable – I hope to be half as cool as they are.

If you happen to be traveling on I-40 and pass a sign for Okemah, get off and take a little trip to Custar Farms, its small but worthwhile!

I’ve gone country, y’all


Its the time of the year again where I pack up my cowboy boots and head to the mid west for some good ole family time.

I love summer in Oklahoma.

It amazes me how it always smells the same here – I can’t completely quantify it. But its this grassy, manure smell that is unlike any other place I have been and I love it! Year after year, the same smell greets me and it makes me think about moving to the country side and having a farm of my own.

Last night, we had a summer storm complete with thunder and lighting – it was magnificent and scary and allowed me to put off my run for another morning.

My goals while I am here are to cherish this time with my family, spend time in the sun, live life a little slower and with a little more meaning AND try as many Oklahoma brews as possible!

For your listening enjoyment, one of my all time favorites, Alan Jackson with She’s Gone Country.

The best beers in NorCal?!

Untitled design (2)

Do you ever read Thrillist? Chances are if you live in or like one of the cities they talk about on the reg you get their emails daily and waste a few minutes checking out their new articles!

One article today caught my attention with the header, “Best NorCal Breweries“, really now, the best, I thought to myself as I waited for my page to load.

While I may not agree with their list completely, they showcase a few breweries that I have not been to yet ( and can’t wait to try when I get back to CA! ) and a few that I like.

I’m no Cicerone but I do fancy myself a beer lover and I try to pick up knowledge on the topic whenever I can! So any article about beer you betta believe I am all over it!

My personal NorCal fav is Lagunitas. Great beers paired with a great outdoor space and often times live music.. I am in love!

Do you have any breweries I should try? Bay area or beyond? Let me know!